Activities nearby

In Pärnumaa, near Ojako holiday and training centre, there are many attractions worth visiting during your vacation:

  • There are two nice horseback riding centres close by: Maria Farm and Sassi Fram.
  • Discover the amazing world of tastes and smells at Tamme Farm herb garden.
  • Valgeranna Adventure Park is great for adventure seekers.
  • Audru Golf is well-suited both for beginners as well as for more serious golfers.
  • For culture enthusiasts: enjoy manor culture and summer theatre at Tõstamaa manor.
  • Audru museum exhibits life in the local Audru rural municipality since the second half of the 19th century.
  • Experience sincere and warm Russian hospitality at Russian Farm.
  • A nice idea for the whole family is to visit Neitsiraba Visitor Centre, where you can create your own designs in a glassblowing shop.
  • Nearby there are also tiny restored ports, coastal area and Lindi bog – a favourite place of bird watchers.
  • Liu Paat where boat building traditions have been preserved is also in the vicinity.
  • Munalaiu port is only 15 km from Ojako. From there you can take a trip to Kihnu or Manilaid. See Kihnu Cultural Institute website for more information about the island. You will also find information there about boat schedules and sightseeing trips.
  • Aloha Surf


  • Sorgu Island in Pärnu Bay is only 5 ha in size – it is a natural rock garden and paradise for waterfowl. To protect migratory birds, access to Sorgu is restricted from April 15 to July 1.


All these charming places are located on the Romantic Coastline – it is not one road or path, rather a journey in Pärnumaa that takes the traveller along almost 250 km of coastline, through 10 municipalities, by numerous recreation sites and tourist attractions all the way to the Latvian border. See

Welcome to the Romantic Coastline in Pärnumaa!

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