Wedding ceremony on a beach, wedding reception close to nature, saunas, swimming pool, a lot of open space, and of course, accommodation and food – we have it all for your wedding.

Pruutpaar Ojakol

We can help you organize the whole wedding. We will help finding a suitable wedding host, band, decorations, flower arrangements and more.

Professional wedding organizers at share their ideas and experiences.

The wedding could start with a marriage ceremony on the beach.

The wedding could continue with a reception in our event room with a magnificent sea view (up to 80 people) or in a decorated wedding tent (100-150 people).

Accommodation: Our buildings accommodate up to 50. Read about accommodation options.

Catering: During weddings we can serve festive reception drinks and appetizers, dinner as well as breakfast. Read more about catering options.

Of course, the wedding guests can enjoy our saunas and other recreational facilities.

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