Ojako holiday and training centre invites you to organize your seminars, trainings, and meetings as well as relax and enjoy delicious meals in a beautiful and peaceful environment. The sea and coastal nature are always comforting for the soul.

For your seminars and trainings, there are 2 meeting rooms, both with free Wi-Fi Internet. The meeting rooms have great acoustics and the one in the Seminar house has wonderful sea views.

The large meeting room of Seminar house:


Seminarimaja saal
Bright and spacious (110m2) with a sea view

Set-up: we will arrange tables and chairs as requested, either in U-shape style, cafeteria style, theatre style or diplomatic style

Accommodates: 90 people (theatre style) or 30 people (U-shape style)

Equipment: data and wireless projector, overhead projector, screen, flip chart, copier, SD card, DVD-player, TV, modern audio equipment, microphone, laptop computer

The seminar room of the Main house:

Peamaja seminarisaal
Comfortable space of 70 m2

Accommodates: 50 people (theatre style) or 25 people (U-shape style)

Equipment: data projector, screen, flip chart, stereo

* * * * * *

In addition, we can always find separate spaces for group work. For summer seminars, it is also possible to use the covered sitting area by the pool.

Accommodation: Take a look at the accommodation options we offer for seminars and trainings lasting several days.

Food: We also offer onsite food options. Coffee breaks, snacks and delicious filling farm dishes by request and choice. See more.

Sauna: After a day of mental work you can relax in our saunas. The sauna will reinvigorate your mind and body.

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