Partners activities

Our partners and the activities we offer in cooperation with them:

Training company Seikluspartner OÜ: sea kayaking, adventure games and combined events, GPS-adventures, etc. Adventures and team building.

Adventure company 360 kraadi: team games (for example, photo hunt, GPS crossword, “Security Police is listening”), adventure games (e.g. “Smart Man in Pocket”, “St. Elmo’s Fire”, treasure hunt), rock climbing, disc golf and more.

Mastery Koolitus: team training, leadership training, a new approach to team work.

Adventure company and hike organizer Seikle Vabaks: bogshoe hikes, archery, kayaking, 360 degree swings.

Meeskonnatreeningute Agentuur MAD: organization of practical team trainings.

Event organization and adventure tourism company Elamuspank: event organization, hikes and team trainings.

Corporate events organizer Seltskonnamängud: organization of different corporate events and parties.

Massage salon on wheels – call +372 5635 9313 or send email to

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If you are planning an event at Ojako and are interested in one of the activities from our partners, you can talk to us about it. Works well both ways.

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